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Established in 1921, Steele Canvas Basket is the most respected manufacturer of canvas and polyethylene baskets, trucks, hampers and canvas bags in the industry. Everyone at Steele Canvas Basket is proud of our high-quality goods: from our knowledgeable sales and customer support staff in the office through our hard-working production crews in the factory to the shipping crew at our docks. We take care of our customers from start to finish and that care is built into everything we produce.

The “Steele” Tote Bag

built Steele tough


With reinforced handles for safe carrying, our White Canvas 188 will hold your heaviest bundles without tearing while it’s boxed bottom allows it to stand upright for easy filling. This tough tote is ideal for armored car companies, utility companies and home use.

  • Some sizes available in Black Canvas and a variety of colors of Steeletex™
  • Available with an Army Green Canvas bottom for additional strength


No. 188 in White canvas with stencil
No. 188 in White canvas with stencil No. 182 in White canvas No. 180 in White canvas No. 183 in White canvas No. 184 in White canvas From left to right: 184, 180 (back), 183, 188 (middle) & 182 (front) No. 183 with Yellow Steeletex™ bottom (call or email for pricing) No. 188 canvas totes with colored Steeletex™ bottoms (call or email for pricing) No. 188-B Black canvas (call or email for pricing) No. 184-B Black canvas (call or email for pricing) No. 188-S Grey Steeletex™ shown with pocket (not standard) No. 188-S Black Steeletex™ shown with pocket (not standard)


No. 188 in White canvas with stencil


Product Dimensions:

Bushel Size Inside Dimensions
(length x width x depth)
Outside Dimensions
(length x width x height)
Shipping Weight
188 17" x 7" x 17" -- x -- x -- --
184 17" x 7" x 24" -- x -- x -- --
183 24" x 7" x 17" -- x -- x -- --
182 12" x 7" x 12" -- x -- x -- --
180 19" x 11" x 20" -- x -- x -- --

Product Prices:

Bushel Size White Canvas Steeletex™
188 $34.75
184 $44.50
183 $43.90
182 $33.85
180 $45.60

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